Mahjong Games

Enjoy the ancient board game classic Mahjong! 

Your goal in this classic Mahjong connect game is to earn as many points as you can! 

Click on two of the same sushi to remove it.

Combine 2 of the same free tiles and try to remove all tiles from the layout.

Connect two of the same wallpaper tiles to remove them. 

Combine in this game 3 (instead of 2) of the same tiles to remove those tiles. 

Combine 2 of the same visible free tiles to remove them.

Mahjong Connect game for Valentine. Connect two of the same items.

Let two of the same tiles collide to remove the tiles.

100 different layouts in a Classic Mahjong Solitaire game.

Transport Mahjong
Time Connect
Wild West Mahjong
Xmas Connect
Zodiac Mahjong
Travelers Quest
Valentine Mahjong
Triple Mahjong
Zoobies Connect
Sum Jong
Sports Mahjong
Spooky Mahjong
Shanghai Dynasty
Space Cubes
Rune Mahjongg
Sea Jong
Safari Mahjong
Playground Mah
Retro Mahjong
Pet Mahjongg
Mahjong Tiles
Royal Tower
Pile Of Tiles
Mahjong Triple
Party Jong
Neon Jong 3d
Master Qwans
Space Connect
Number Mahjong
Moving Tiles
Opposites Attract
Mahjong Titans
Pile Of Tiles
Mahjong Mix
Mahjong Gardens
Mahjongg Valentine
Mahjong Match
Mahjongg Shanghai
Mahjongg Relax
Mahjong Christmas
Mahjong Classic
Mahjong Collision
Mahjong Birds
Mahjong Battle
Mahjong 3d
Letter Dimensions
Letter Mahjong
Jungle Connect
Jolly Jong One
Jolly Jong Dogs
Jolly Jong Journey
Jolly Jong Connect
Mahjong Chain
Card Solitaire
Black White 2
Black And White
Japan Castle
Jolly Jong 2.5
Jewel Mahjongg
Happy Connect
King And Knights
Kids Mahjong
Jolly Jong Sands
Lost In Time
Flower Slide
Flower Tower
Flower Mahjong
Flower Connect
Hexjong Cats
Halloween Mahjong
Easter Mahjongg
Halloween Connect
Castle Mahjong
Grab It
Glow Jongg
Fruit Mahjong
Jolly Jong Cats
Jolly Jong Blitz 2
Jolly Jong Blitz
Jolly Jong 2
Flower Dimensions
Feed The Animals
China Tower
Fairy Triple
Emoji Mahjong
Dragons Mahjong
Ancient Rome
Celtic Mahjong
Golden Autumn
Candyland Mahjong
Candy Connect
Christmas Connect
Famous Logo
China Temple
Frozen Tiles
Fruit Flip Mahjong
China Mahjong
Frozen Mahjong
Forest Mahjong
Deep Sea Trijong
Dark Time Mahjong
Animals Connect
Cup Of Tea
Cooking Mahjong
Black White
Daily Mahjong
Cube Zoobies
Coffee Mahjong
Ancient Mahjong
Classic Mahjongg
Christmas Triple
Animal Mahjong
Animal Cubes
Connect Fish
Ancient Egypt
Crystal Hexajong
Birds Kyodai
Butterfly Kyodai
Black And White
Animals Connect 3
Beach Mahjong
Deck Of Cards
Animals Connect 2
Alchemist Symbols
African Savannah
10 Mahjong